Below you'll find some of our work from the past year. It's been exciting, and we're looking forward to a great 2017. 


As part of their Live the InterContinental Life campaign, InterContinental Hotels have developed an online magazine and content hub. Interview based podcasts recorded in London, Beijing, and New York City told stories of empathy, worldliness and fascination. SMITH was tasked with creating film and animation content to help bring these podcasts to life. 

We deployed our film production teams to London and Beijing, working under SMITH director and CD Niko Courtelis, while at home SMITH animation director and CD Mark Bellncula worked with illustrator Greg Betza to establish a subtle and sophisticated look that could embody the brand values of InterContinental Hotels.





Kellogg's - an iconic nostalgia brand - wanted to take a chunk of its traditional advertising budget and invest it in an experiential marketing experiment, that would capture people's attention and imagination. The Result was a  living breathing Kellogg's restaurant in Times Square in New York City, serving up bowls of cereal to its customers!

Anthony Rudolf at Journee developed the restaurant concept and Christina Tossi the chef and founder of Momofuko Milk Bar developed interesting takes on the traditional bowl of cereal. SMITH worked in partnership with Journee to design and build the SNAP CRACKLE POP sculpture in the front window of the restaurant. This was a really exciting project for us to be a part of.


SMITH worked alongside Lemmon Hughes to create multimedia work for PTC’s ThingEvent conference to showcase the brand’s new offerings in the areas of Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things.  The team at SMITH created 20' posters for the event space, as well as a :40 animated piece, a series of GIFs for social media, and an 8' long model jet engine made out of paper. The event was broadcast live on the web in 360 video to an audience of over 14,000 people around the world.


Sculptural Installation

Social Content Loops


Conde Nast Traveler - Tudor Watches

Conde Nast Traveler tasked us with shooting two adventure films in partnership with Tudor Watches. They wanted to find a destination that could suit the needs of a surf/dive photographer and a hiker/climber. Enter British Columbia.

With a small, but nimble documentary crew we set out for the beaches and open waters of Tofino where we filmed with local photographer Jeremy Koreski. For two days, wherever Jeremy went, whether it be surfing on a local beach or diving in the open ocean, our cameras were there with him. Next, our crew traveled north to film with Colorado native Kyle Frost as he traversed Whistler Mountain. Local drone operators filmed Kyle's ascent from above while we covered it from right alongside him.


Ezra Miller directed and developed  this interactive music video for Santigold. Be sure to allow the link permission to use the web camera on your laptop and you too can be a part of her video. If you'd rather try it on mobile, head over to the app shop and search 'Santigold'.