We have made just about everything there is to be made that pertains to media. Other things too. We make whatever serves you and your consumer best. If it’s useful, engaging, and memorable, we’re in.

We believe in process. We have developed our ways of working to make everything from movies to products to ads to experiences, and make them at the highest level.



Alex Smith is the creative director at Smith.

Alex has twenty years of experience working on design projects, ranging from branding and animation to data visualization and interface design. Alex started his career at Razorfish during the first web boom. Since then, he has worked with clients ranging from software startups to major TV networks to international educational institutions. He is a visiting instructor at the Pratt Institute, where he has developed course work aimed at helping students uncover their own theories of design and apply those theories beyond the traditional boundaries of the field. 



Geraint Owen leads production at Smith.

Geraint is a design industry veteran with an uncanny ability to understand client problems, and assemble teams to create smart, eye-popping solutions. As founder of the design and live-action company Süperfad, Geraint has spent over a dozen years making memorable, award-winning work for a long list of clients including Adidas, X-Games, Visa, Target, Bloomberg, American Express and Durex. 



We work with a group of creative partners who are at the top of their respective games. They are trusted, long time colleagues who we are proud to have as collaborators. 


Robert Rugan
Creative Director + Film Maker

Robert Rugan is a two-time CLIO award-winning writer/director who moved from Alabama to New York City, then to sunny Los Angeles, where he is currently writing & directing feature film projects and television projects.


Mark Bellncula
Creative Director + VFX Director

Mark Bellncula is a trained graphic designer and a self taught animator. He has spent over 24 years in the New York City design and advertising industry.  Mark also spent time in the dark bowels of the NYC club scene as a DJ with his infamous Booty Bar parties at the Passerby and Filter 14.



Dustin Lindblad
Designer + Illustrator

Dustin's distinctive illustrations and designs appear in films, commercials, environmental designs, performance installations, textiles, websites, posters, cd/vinyl art, and book covers. She collaborates with filmmakers, artists, writers, musicians, as well as esteemed members of the advertising world and motion design industry.


Sarah Grant

Sarah is a Brooklyn-based artist, technologist, and educator. She has extensive experience as both a Technical Director for advertising agencies and as an experimental multimedia artist. She has created textile-based interfaces for audio hardware, and researched creating conductive circuit traces with living slime molds.


Kareem Collie
Creative Director + Designer

For the past 15 years Kareem has worked in Brand Development, Strategy and Marketing— designing, directing, and leading projects ranging from interactive design, to brand development and identity, to product packaging, to the design of interior spaces.


Reyn Soffe
Photographer + Designer + Director

After moving from Salt Lake City Utah, Reyn pursued design and art direction in Hamburg Germany. He soon found himself in New York City working in fashion. He continues to become more multi-disciplined in his fields and is always looking for magic. 


Russell Chandler Ford

Russ was a floor trader on Wall Street.  In 2007 he and a friend from college - Reyn Soffe - started talking about how there was something lost in digital photography. The Avedon and Irving Penn days of creating smart, witty, beautiful imagery was gone. It has been their goal to bring back what was lost.



Kate Lydon
Creative Director + Choreographer

Kate Lydon can’t remember a time when she didn’t dance. Her earliest memory is learning ballet’s 5 positions of the feet,at age 3 in her neighbor’s kitchen. At 15, she moved to NYC to study under the direction of Mikhail Baryshnikov. She is currently the Artistic Director of the American Ballet Theater Studio Company.


Roberto Connolly
Animator + VFX Director

Roberto has led 100+ projects for brands like Sony, ADT, V8, Whole Foods, Miller, Cartoon Network, Miami Dolphins, James Hardie, Sauza. He founded Kasana in 2010, to bring the best design, animation and VFX talent in Argentina to the world, through a well-oiled remote workflow process. 


Anton Marini

Anton Marini is a video performance artist, software engineer, and educator. He has created award-winning software (Stereo3D CAT), industry video standards (Syphon), and mobile publishing platforms (Ultravisual). He has co-created plugins for After Effects, Premier, Final Cut Pro and Motion.


Niko Courtelis
Creative Director + Director + Writer

Niko is a creative director, designer, filmmaker and partner of Portland-based PLAZM. He collects postage stamps, typewriters and vintage perforating machines, and uses them to make artistamps, mail and correspondence art. 


Mike Heavers

Mike is a web designer and interactive developer based in Brooklyn. He is particularly concerned with the overlap between the digital and physical worlds.


Molly Mayeux
Since 1996, Molly Mayeux has produced over 20 motion pictures as well as countless media projects including web series, branded content, commercials and music videos. Many of her films have screened at the most prestigious film festivals around the world including Sundance, Toronto, Rotterdam and Cannes.